Aspyr Game Agent

Aspyr Game Agent 1.5

Check if your Mac can play Aspyr games


  • Check requirements for any Mac
  • Access to Aspyr store


  • Can take time to load

Very good

With the Game Agent, Aspyr has created an external application to browse and buy games from their online store. The application, which only works if you're connected to the Internet, connects to the Aspyr store and lets you easily look around and view games profiles. You'll find links to the website in case you're interested in buying a game.

Every time you're looking at a game description page, you'll notice that the program features a requirements section at the bottom. This will allow you to see, by way of green check marks or red crosses, if your Mac meets the requirements for the particular game. Click on the "i" button to change the settings and adapt them to your Mac. Aspyr also lets you select any Mac model from a drop down menu and see if it can play the game in question.

Aspyr Game Agent is a handy tool to check what games can play on your Mac and buy them directly from the games distributor.

Aspyr Game Agent is free Mac utility that allows you to easily match your computer hardware with the system requirements of Aspyr’s game titles. Game Agent will automatically identify which games will run on your current system and determine necessary system upgrades for any other Aspyr games if needed. It also lets you see what games will run on current Mac models Apple sells, in case you are looking to buy a new computer.


  • Store interface that lets you easily browse all of Aspyr’s current games, tied together with Game Agent’s ability to automatically check system requirements for each game against your Mac’s configuration
  • Browse games by genre or ESRB rating
  • Get latest news from Aspyr directly inside Game Agent
  • Access tech support, register your games, or Aspyr project’s status from Game Agent
  • Automatically updates its list of Aspyr games and system requirements each time the user runs the application
  • Plain English summary of why users can’t play a game (ex. “This game requires Mac OS X 10.3.4, you have 10.2.8”) and optional detailed/technical list of all system requirements and each machine’s configuration
  • Familiar interface gives fast, easy-to-read results
  • Lists minimum and recommended system requirements for each game – if your Mac will run a game but will perform better if you add more RAM, the application will tell you
  • User can click on “Info”, “Buy Now” or “Pre-Order Now” buttons to go to the Aspyr web site to get more information on particular games (trailers, demos, etc) or to make a purchase
  • Allows user to see which games run on their Mac or on other currently available Macs (a new G5 iMac™, a 2.5 GHz Dual G5 Power Mac®, etc) and allows for customized Mac configs

Aspyr Game Agent


Aspyr Game Agent 1.5

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